Spin Wheels

Drew runs UK company, SPN industries. They make the Spin On These wheels on our Izoard RR. He believes there’s a lot of marketing in the wheel business, which adds unnecessary cost, and not so much thought for how we run and use wheels in the real world.

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Paint ninjas at Cole Coatings Workshop

Custom paint is enjoying somewhat of a boom. London based Dan Cole is one of the new school painters who many of my favourite builders would acknowledge is part of a new movement. I should say, Dan has been painting for years. Priceless cars and crazy classics. Thankfully for us, he now prefers the challenge and creativity in painting bikes. As well as the odd creative project.   

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Spoon CustomsPaint, Process
Our Process

It all starts with a good coffee and a great fit. We sit you down, on a bike fit jig and get to know you and what you want from your bike. We then get you into a position that we think suits your physiology and riding ambitions.

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