Our Process


It all starts with a good coffee and a great fit. We sit you down, on a bike fit jig and get to know you and what you want from your bike. We then get you into a position that we think suits your physiology and riding ambitions.

Our fit ninjas hide out in London, Bath, and soon in Briancon in the French Alpes and Turin in Italy. Our approach is - we think - the best in the business. All our fittings are run or advised by Tony Corke, our Cycling Dynamics expert.

Once we’ve got your position dialled, we get into the design process, selecting paint, and the best components. Once everything is agreed and just as you want it the very best Italian craftsmen, then fabricate your new frame.

Before the bike begins to take shape on the jig, we meticulously check every part and tube for butt length, centre lining each one, cleaning and preparing every individual tube by hand, to guarantee a strong and straight frame that will last for many years.  

All our builders - partners and component manufacturers, and expert finishers, have many years of experience, share our obsession and understand our ideas.

At Spoon Customs, we create wondrous machines that work flawlessly and fit you perfectly. It’s not the easiest way to make a bike but it’s our way, we love it, and we hope you will too.