Further and Faster


A really good bike should give you a sense of speed, freedom and independence, like you’ve never felt before. Just like your very first one did. At Spoon Customs, we just love that idea.

We want every bike we design to make you feel just like your very first one did. Our aesthetic is knowingly nostalgic and we try to communicate that in our approach to graphics, merchandise, and colours but we never let that nostalgia get in the way of progressive geometry and the best materials technology or component choices.

The result is bikes that we believe make the road a better place to be, for longer. We call this approach, ’further and faster’.

We also want to make creating a genuinely custom bike, easier for you.

That’s why we’re creating three bikes in our first range, which give you a great platform from which to start your custom bike journey. Each is designed with our further and faster principal in mind, each designed for the sort of riding you do, and each unique to Spoon Customs.

This means you no longer have to be an expert to create and buy your dream custom frame. With a typical 12 week turnaround from the start of the design process to receiving your new bike, you no longer have to wait forever either.