Seaside customs in Brighton

Big news. We've moved. Our main office at least - where we have to hang out if we're not in Monty up the mountain. This grown up move means we can offer consultations, fit, build, upgrades and proper client services to people in the UK. 

Brighton is incredible. And, we're right in the Laines. It's full of independent businesses trying to do things a bit differently, and the creative credentials of the place are so pervasive we've got new street art outside the door every other morning.

The keen eyed amongst you might have noticed a few instagram posts from the new studio over the weekend, and that's because we're IN. For this week and next we're working hard to get the space ship shape, so we can welcome you in too for a cold beer, or a decent coffee.

When it's kitted out properly it's going to be a nice - albeit pretty petite - space where you can come kick the tyres of our production custom models and chat about your own custom bike project. Tony's still in Bath at his place, so you've now got a couple of UK options to start your SC journey.

Brighton is also nearer to the sort of hills that remind us of our alpine home so if we’re not up a mountain in Monty, there’s no where else we’d rather be. 

To book in for a coffee and natter about your new bike, email

Andy Carr