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A bike that fits perfectly

We talk to you about your riding, your ambitions for the future and your inspiration for creating your own bespoke or custom bicycle. 

We make you a great coffee or open you a nice beer, then take a good look at you. Putting you on one of our fit machines, to get you pedalling and measure your body. 

Firstly, we’re trying to make sure we can optimise your contact points - your hands, bottom and feet, to get you comfortable. 

Secondly, we want to make sure we can get you in an optimum position for the sort of adventures you want your bike to take you on. 

If you want to, we can explore custom saddles and contact points at this point, but what we’re really trying to do, is nail the key dimensions for your perfect frame. 




Progressive Design

We’ve developed a range of frames that give you a starting point. We then take your fit data, and you tell us how you want that bike to perform, and look. We tweak the design and geo, till it works for you. Adding in any extra fittings or parts you need to make the bike work in your world. 


Aesthetics, underpin radness.

No one wants a bike that doesn’t look insanely good. You’ve got to dream about looking at it, when it’s locked away in the garage. If you really love your bike, we know you’ll ride it more.

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To get to your perfect finish and spec, we start with a private Pinterest board. Trawl the internet and world of things, to find objects, colours, and patterns that blow you away.  We use this ‘mood board’ to get a feel for your own sense of aesthetic, design and colour, so we can mould that with our style and create something just for you.




The builders we work with have decades of experience working in Steel, to create amazing bikes and frames, by hand and machine, one at a time.


Our handpicked tube sets represent the very highest quality and best steel technology available. Sourced from Columbus Tubi in Italy, we use their best seamless steel tubing. Triple butted, lightweight and wonderful to ride and work with.


Columbus draw each tube and shape it to create endless possibilities for your build, we then select the best tubing for the the sort of ride and mechanical characteristics that you expect from a modern road bike. 


We use the very highest quality and best steel technology available


Amazing finishes, beautifully executed

We think no matter how nicely a bike rides, it’s not a great bike till it looks rad. We can specify an almost limitless number of technical coatings and paint finishes to make your bike snap necks. 


Wet paint, is nice paint. If you specify paint, you get the full Spoon Customs paint treatment. That’s lustrous layers of beautiful, but hard wearing paint, for you to gaze into for years. 


Nickel, copper, polished, brushed, (where stainless tubing is used) is all possible too.

We love creating truly unique bikes and yours will be no different.


Collection, Delivery and that very first ride


Come pick up your bike and ride it here at our development office in the Alps. Development office sounds a bit formal. It’s actually just a nice chalet and a lovely base from which to start your love affair with your new forever bike. Come out and ride your new bike where it was conceived.  We can ship your new ride worldwide too.


Come ride with us in the French-Italian Alps