Who we are, what we do and why


Freedom & Adventure

Spoon Customs is about recapturing and inspiring that once forgotten sense of freedom and adventure by doing and sharing the things we at our little company love. In the hope that we can inspire you too. 

We do this by creating wondrous moments and machines that work flawlessly, fit perfectly and inspire you to ride more. 


Further anD Faster

We believe a really good bike should give you a sense of speed, freedom and independence, like you’ve never felt before. Just like your very first one did.

At Spoon Customs, we just love that idea.

Our aesthetic is knowingly nostalgic. We’re inspired by custom motorcycle builders, bmx and skate heroes, so we go to great lengths to capture some of that radness.

We use the very latest steel technology and fit methods, combined with progressive geometry, to create beautiful performance machines.

Always handmade, by the best craftsmen in Northern Italy. The result is bikes that we believe make the road a better place to be, for longer. 

We call this approach, ’further and faster’.


A really good bike should give you a sense speed, freedom and independence.  Just like your very first one did.


Why we do it

The dream began in the early nineties, when I was spending every moment riding bikes, mostly with my best friend, Jack. We would ride and ride and obsess about the latest kit and ways of making our bikes go faster. 

Those bikes were more than just machines. The bikes represented freedom, and carried us on our best adventures. 

That’s what I want every bike we make, to be about. 


Our Team


Andy Carr

Andy runs Spoon Custom’s. He is responsible for the business and day to day running of the company. He ran away to the mountains after 16 years working a normal job. He lives in Montgenevre, on the French Italian border.


Tony Corke
Cycling Dynamics

Tony is a fit and geometry expert, who oversees all interactions and decisions relevant to how our bikes fit their new owner. He’s worked all over the world and as well as his work with us, he runs his own successful fit and training business, Torke Cycling. Tony’s based in Bath and London and his mark is on every bike we create.


Ben Hodson
Tech and Creative

Ben runs our website, shoots a lot of our content, and provides an expert view on areas related to marketing and brand. He makes sure the world can see, share and talk about what we get up to at Spoon HQ and out on the road. Ben runs a number of digital, film and creative projects, from his studio in Briancon in the French Alpes.


Our Landscape

What we’re doing is inspired by our landscape here in the alps, where we come up with and test all our concepts.

The sheer beauty and impossible scale of this place, is frankly intimidating. And in creating our range of custom bikes, we want to make wondrous machines that let you explore this landscape, further and faster than you have done before.



We use HSS steel from Columbus Tubing. We love the ethos of the artisans who make it, the flexibility it affords when we’re selecting, cutting, heating and working with it, and we love the way the material itself contributes to the way our bikes ride. 


Creating your dream bike…

Tony Corke

Our fit ninjas hide out in London, Bath, and soon in Briancon in the French Alpes and Turin in Italy. Once we’ve got your position nailed, we get into the design process, selecting paint, and the best components. The best Italian craftsmen, then build your new frame.


Before the bike begins to take shape on the jig, we meticulously check every part and tube for butt length, centre lining each one, cleaning and preparing every individual tube by hand, to guarantee a strong and straight frame that will last for many years.  


All the builders we work with - partners and component manufacturers, and finishers have many years of experience, share our obsession and understand our ideas. At Spoon Customs, we create inspiring bikes that work flawlessly and fit you perfectly.


Fabrication, paint and parts

Spoon Custom’s works with a number of amazing people who share our passion and get our ideas. They’re all local or professional friends we’ve worked with on great projects before. We trust them, they do incredible work and they love bikes and design nearly as much as we do.



At Spoon Customs, we create inspiring bikes that work flawlessly and fit you perfectly.